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Erasmus Incoming Students

Study at Drama School of Seville


Thank you for being interested in studying at the Drama School of Seville within the ERASMUS+ programme.

 Here you can find information and documents concerning the application. Please bear in mind that the application within the ERASMUS+ programme at our Drama School is only possible in accordance with the international office of your home institution. You have to submit the application in your home institution.


Who can apply for ERASMUS+?

In general, every student who is still studying at one of our partner institutions can apply for a one or two semester ERAMSUS+ programme at the Drama School of Seville. If your sending institution has not yet a bilateral agreement with the Drama School of Seville, there is the chance to study a new partnership from both sides.
ESAD Seville exceptionally accepts incoming students for 1 semester, tough it is advisable academically to stay for a whole academic year, since all subjects last over the whole academic year. In case there is only the possibility of staying for a single semester, the first one is recommended.


Language Skills

Basic knowledge of Spanish language is required, as group lessons are only taught in Spanish. Regarding the language requirement for incoming students ESAD Seville presents, at least, B1 in Spanish as mandatory. If that is not possible to fulfil for a potential candidate, 2 links of video will be required: one of them with body interpretation and the other performing a text in Spanish. The teaching board from the institution will evaluate them and will decide if the student is accepted regardless of not having the B1 requirement.

ERASMUS+ application. How to apply?


Deadline for the application is 15th May for both semesters.
Interested students should send the following application items via the International Office ( of their home institution:


  1. Student Application Form  Click here to download
  2. Transcript of credit records at home institution
  3. Curriculum vitae (in Spanish)
  4. Letter of motivation (in Spanish)
  5. Certificate of Spanish language (at least B1 in Spanish).


If the application is accepted we will send the oficial form of the Learning Agreement to your home institution to be filled in. 
ESAD Seville offers several Undergraduate Dramatic Art programs as:


  • BA in Acting. Option: Text Interpretation and Gestural Interpretation.
  • BA in Scenography (Set Design).
You could select disciplines from both options if finally you are studying with us next academic year.  All subjects take place over the whole academic year, but Erasmus students exceptionally can register for a semester.
Additionally, here Click here to download you can find a list of all offered courses.   

Contact person: Eufrasio Lucena Muñoz. Erasmus associate professor Drama School of Seville

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